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My Resurrected Destiny

I've been singing and making up my own songs since I could make noises according to my mother; but somehow the title Songwriter has a strange ring to it - since what I really do is sing. During church where my chior was present to sing, a visiting prophet singled me out and shared that I was destined to minister to oceans of souls. Not understanding what that meant, I proceeded to do life as I knew how. I've been in countless bands, ensembles, community chiors, music ministries and praise teams - still not grasping the entire meaning of having a destiny and certainly not pursuing my own.

Fast forwarding several years, one Sunday my pastor, Dr. Creflo Dollar, told the story of the cemetary being the place most filled with potential. This untapped potential would remain eternally in cemetaries because the people resting there were too afraid to step out on faith and do the job God had assigned to them. He challenged us to show up for our pre-destined job - saying that God had already equipped us for the job and all we need to do is show up for duty. I felt like he was talking to me. What he didn't know was that it was my first return to church after cancer had been removed from my body for the second time.

I was still weak and still going through treatment but just needed to be in the sanctuary, in the presence of God with His people. I'm positive that story is why I was compelled so strongly by the Holy Spirit to come to church that day. God wanted me to recognize the focused attack Satan had launched against me and he wanted me to show up for my assignment.

My pastor challenged us to "just try it and see what the end's gon' be." Now, I've showed up for the job and I'm fully equipped with the Word AND the anointing. When I showed up for duty, God began to rain down lyrics that became songs that are now on my CD, "Destiny Resurrected". I am a songwriter and I am coming to terms with that; and soon I'll be able to hear the title Songwriter attached to my name and not doubt it. Most importantly, now that I've pushed aside fear, I cannot wait to see what God has planned for me. Oh, and I've been cancer-free for six years now.

I hope that my music ministers to you. It is the soundtrack to my miracle of healing, restoration, and peace. I want you to feel my joy about the goodness of the Lord whether you are declaring "Imma Champion"...and I know it or praying "Father Breathe"...on me. There is a song on "Destiny Resurrected" to strengthen you. Moreover, I hope that you acknowledge your Godly assignment and show up for the job that was set aside for you by God before the world was framed. Who knows, you may end up doing something that has a strange ring to it, that you hope to get accustomed to hearing and even discover that it's your me, The Song Writer.

Walking in my destiny,

Psalmist Pamela Johnson


Pamela Johnson is one impassioned and charismatic performer.  She writes, sings and performs with equal aplomb; but, what sets Pamela apart in the music industry is the texture of her voice.  She has the same reedy quality as a clarinet while the edges of her voice can climb the scale like an alto saxophone.  Bob Donzella of Bo-Ty Productions described her voice as 'buttery and creamy'.  What a great way to describe a voice that has a simmering quality that melts as nicely as honey poured in a perfect cup of tea.  Add brown sugar and molasses for sweetness and you have the whole package and personality of Pamela.  Her 4.5 octave range soars in the heavenlies to celebrate victories with praise and dips down low in the valley to exhort God in worship.  Her exciting performances envelope her audience and make them want to praise with pumping fists or worship with upraised hands. 

Attendees have raved about her ministry presentation. They love her warm and freindly personality and how she makes everybody feel at home and like company at the same time.  She shares the story of her life and how God has directed her path - even during those times when she strayed from the path - and how God loved her back to where He wanted her to be. Her stories will leave you simultaneously laughing and crying.  They will also leave you feeling victorious and encouraged.  Everybody departs singing one of her songs or laughing about one of her relatable stories and most of all, happy that they came to support her.


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To whom much is given, much is required!   Time to get busy!


The Virginia Gospel Announcers Guild Celebrates

Gospel Music Heritage Month


(From left to right) James Hall, Ed Stephens, Kevin Hall, Maggie Ingram, Jack Yates, Kenny Taylor, The Belle,

NC GAG President Arvetra Jones and Chicago GAG President Dennis Coles


By Sheilah Belle


Richmond, VA – The Virginia Gospel Announcers Guild recently celebrated Gospel Music Heritage Month with several musical showcases, special guests, an award ceremony, Industry classes and more.


With several hundred in attendance and back to back performances for the weekend, the celebration delivered non-stop music that thrilled and touched the souls of all in attendance, including performances from the Gospel Music Workshop of America Richmond Chapter, Latasha Woods, G.L.O., Keith Pringle, Laymetha Reed Guy, Conrad Miller, Wallace Gunn, Restine Jackson and Grace and many others.


Under the leadership of Virginia Gospel Announcer Guild President Ed Stephens, Jr., and 1st Vice Chair Raymond Lindsey, Stephens says, “This was a great celebration that really touched the community.”


Some of the stand out performances were given by new comer Gospel Rap Artist G.L.O., who really captured everyone’s attention.  She delivered an authentic, powerful, and blessed performance that had everyone rocking to her beats, including some of the church mothers, who said, they normally don’t listen to rap anything.  However G.L.O. delivered an articulate and powerful rapping style that could easily be taken back to the church, and performed on Sunday morning.


Also, wrecking the house was Keith Pringle, who performed back to back hits and Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes, with Maggie leading the way and daughter Almetta holding up the rear with her extremely powerful vocals. They were simply incredible!


Jack Yates, all the way from Las Vegas, also delivered a polished and powerful performance as well as Raymond Lindsey and Aligned and new comer J.T. Logan who obviously had a few fans in the audience supporting and applauding his efforts.


The special guests for the weekend also did not disappoint as James Hall ministered through song with Lindsey and Aligned backing him up and a short sermonette from Pastor Kevin Bond.  Their presentation and performances were both powerful as delegates feasted on a special sponsored breakfast, courtesy of Hall and Bond.



One of the most memorable moments for the weekend was the recognition of two local Virginia heroes who paved the way for many in the Virginia Gospel community and beyond. 


Among the honorees were Maggie Ingram of Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes.


Born July 4, 1930, on Mulholland’s Plantation in Coffee County, Georgia, Maggie Ingram worked in the cotton and tobacco fields with her parents.  It was a hard and humble beginning, but the Lord had a special place for her in life and she accepted the call at an early age.  She began playing the piano and singing at an early age and exhibited a great love for church and for the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  At 16, she married Thomas Jefferson Ingram whose family also worked as sharecroppers in Georgia.  The couple had five children, John, Lucious, Tommie, Almeta, Christine and moved to Miami, Florida. It was there that Mr. Ingram was called to the preaching ministry.  Ms. Ingram and the children worked with him as he preached in the rural areas outside of Miami and though times were tough, the family was determined to help in the ministry. She took odd jobs as a domestic and taught her children to sing harmony.  It was from these humble beginnings that the Ingramettes were formed.  Sister Maggie Ingram and The Ingramettes were soon a sought after group to sing at churches, gospel festivals, auditoriums, church conferences, and other places throughout Florida.  After her husband returned home to Georgia, Ms. Ingram found herself a single parent, but depended on her faith to help her raise her five children, which she did. 


She received an engraved plaque and special medallion as a token of appreciation from the VA Gospel Announcers Guild for her love for Gospel music,  dedication, guidance and leadership over the years.


Also honored was Billy Lee who hosted the longest running Sunday morning Gospel show, “Gospel Truth” on the Richmond’s television ABC affiliate airwaves.  Accepting the award on Lee’s behalf due to illness, was longtime group member Rodney Williams, who thanked the Gospel Announcers Guild for remembering Billy Lee and not forgetting a Virginia Living Legend.”


Also making a special trip for the weekend event was North Carolina Gospel Announcers Guild President Arvetra Jones, Chicago Gospel Announcers Guild President Dennis Coles, Mama Curtis, Gospel Consultant Kenny Taylor and, from the Stromaine Group, Dominique Stromaine who was powerful in his short presentation on the goodness of God.


Peggy Perkins Smith, Dominique Stromaine, LaTarsha Woods, T.J. Logan and Dennis Coles


Helping to co-host the weekend event was Ed Stephens, Jr., Brother T.J., Chuckie “B” Hayes, Raymond Lindsey, J.D. Lewis, Peggy Perkins Smith, Shaun Lindsey and The Belle.